The Best Way to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner


Keeping your car’s interior spotless clean can make it look many years younger. Moreover, the cleaner the interior the better the driving environment. Limiting the amount of dust, dirt and other pollutants by regular cleaning will not only make your car more likeable but also prevent many health complications. The best way to keep your car clean over time is by try out a good car vacuum cleaner. If you’re looking for best car vacuum 2016 click here.

It all begins with a good vacuum:

The first step to using a great vacuum cleaner on your car is in buying a great car vacuum. The perfect car vacuum has a perfect balance of power, resilience and portability. You want something you can pack with you and use whenever your car gets dirty.

You might also need an addition attachment that will let the vacuum cleaner reach into crevices, dislodge the dirt and suck it out your car with uttermost efficiency. Most designers with give you additional fixtures that increase the reach of your vacuum cleaner hence making it more efficient. To find the Best Car Vacuum reviews you should visit Thebenhasehome.

Once you have your vacuum in place, you will need a plan to clean your car perfectly as fast as possible. Here are some simple steps that will help you get the job done faster.

Use a brush attachment on the seats:

The brush attachment will dislodge any deep seated dirty whilst giving the vacuum cleaner time to suck the now loose dirt. This will increase the overall efficiency of an otherwise less powerful car vacuum cleaner.

Get the floor mats off the car:

Cleaning the floor mats while in the car isn’t a great idea. You will have to get them off the car, clean up the bare floor, vacuum the mats and get them back into the car. This will give you more room and reach into the carpet hence better chances in getting the carpets sparkling clean.

Getting rid of odors:

Vacuuming will clean the car but it won’t clear any odors. The best way to get rid of this is by sprinkling a some baking soda or a commercial carpet freshener onto your carpets and letting it lie for some minutes. Vacuum the carpet again to get rid of the residual powder and you will have you clean and odorless carpet.

Knowing how to vacuum your car the right way will make your cleaning efforts more resourceful. Most of the car washes will either ignore the interior of your car or charge you more to have it done. It’s a great idea to know how to do it by yourself. Please view this site for further details.


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